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Copyright & Case Method Resources

The instructional videos & documents below provide additional information about Classroom Management, Copyright as well as Plagiarism in Case Teaching / Writing.


The Business Plan Presentation
Deborah Compeau, Yves Plourde

This complimentary case has been written to help students understand the importance of class management and illustrate the challenges associated with English as a Second Language (ESL) students and how to best approach these students to ensure their language difficulties do not limit their learning. It also emphasizes the need for instructors to be clear about course objectives and class requirements. The case can be used in a course on teaching, ideally in a section on class management, teaching ESL students or teaching in a cross-cultural context. It can also be used as preparation for participants in student-run initiatives in developing countries. Registered academics can Log In to download the accompanying teaching note. Message from the author.


Plagiarism and Discipline
Deborah Compeau, Liliana Lopez Jimenez

When a professor finds out that one of the groups in her Management Information Systems (MIS) MBA class had plagiarized part of their assignment from other sources, she did not know what to do. Plagiarism was not an unusual situation to her; in the past, she had always reported it. Her university also took plagiarism seriously; students who were caught were expelled from the university. But this situation seemed a little different, and she wondered whether reporting the students and having them expelled was the sensible approach this time.

This complimentary case is designed to support workshops and teaching on the subject of teaching and learning with cases. This case emphasizes issues of dealing with student plagiarism on a case analysis assignment.



Want to learn more about copyright? Check out this great video by the Copyright Clearance Center.


Case Method Resources

Reading materials featured at the Case Method Books website are also great case method resources -