No one can speak to the Ivey EMBA experience better than Ivey program participants and alumni. These participant profiles provide a snapshot of the successful business executives joining you in the classroom, and how the Ivey experience changed their professional and personal lives. With our world-class faculty leading the way, exceptional classmates like these will enhance your learning experience and fuel your drive toward success. You'll also stay connected to our large and impressive Ivey alumni network long after graduation.

Yves ThomaAlex IngRandy WeddleScott BeattieSean RogersSilvia MokJoanne ParkChangsheng DuanMarc BruggerWendy LinMichael LimAndre HaynesSteven LawrenceCarmen LamJoseph HoNeil HetheringtonSharon CastelinoJoe AttruxWayne SooklalRachel FabugaisRemo Di FronzoAlexandra BlumDominique Gribot CarrozDerek ChowHuaying ZhangBonnie BrooksVictor Mok

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. Course Registration No. 220175.