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Ivey Learning Experience

The Ivey learning approach is based on learn-by-doing, not just learn-by-listening. What managers truly need doesn't come in a textbook. It's experiential and intuitive - definitely not a lecture. It's something we call the Ivey Learning Experience. Through this Experience, we bring you together with exceptional participants from around the world, immersing you in real business challenges under the guidance of experienced faculty. The Experience is carefully orchestrated to mirror the business decision-making process and integrate across business disciplines.

At the heart of the Ivey Learning Experience is the case study method. Through this experiential learning, you'll find yourself in the shoes of decision-makers, struggling with real challenges, incomplete or too much information, time limits, people issues and resource constraints. Combining the case method with other experiential learning approaches, including simulations, group exercises, industry experts, action-learning experiences and facilitated discussions, you'll develop a set of skills to effectively analyze issues, develop strategies and execute plans successfully.

Ivey is the world's largest producer of cases with an Asian focus, and ranks second to Harvard for its worldwide case development.

Please download the Ivey Case Study Method pamphlet for more information.