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Hong Kong

Overcoming the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

  • Apr 23, 2014
Overcoming the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

The changes and challenges that face Asia demand a need for leaders who bring an entrepreneurial mindset to their work – whether it’s within an organization or when starting their own businesses.

Ivey Asia Dean Jan De Silva brought that message to the Women Extraordinaire Forum in Hong Kong on April 4. The 13-minute discussion with Elsa Pau, CEO of WealthAsia Media Ltd. and founder of the forum, focuses on the value of an MBA for entrepreneurs and particularly women in business.

“I would encourage people who are thinking about entrepreneurial activities, or even those in corporate roles who are working here in Asia to really think seriously about the skills you need to be effective.” De Silva said. “If we look at some of the challenges of Asia right now, it’s going through a repositioning with certain markets slowing down. It’s also a huge growth opportunity. The big need for employers is for people who can think innovatively – who are intra-preneurs – those people who look at things differently within an organization. And, similarly for entrepreneurs, the ability to navigate through markets that are changing.”

De Silva then went on to outline the types of education opportunities that can help answer these challenges.

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