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Advisory Board

The Ivey Asia Advisory Board is led by Dr. Henry Cheng, Chairman of New World Development Company Limited. Other members include Dr. John Cheh, Esquel Group.

01 Dr Henry Cheng

Dr. Henry Cheng, Ivey HBA '71, Ivey MBA '72, LLD (Hon.) '97

Chairman & Executive Director  
New World Development Company Limited

Thumb Chris Chan Advisory Board

Professor Chris WH Chan

Associate Dean, Asia  
Ivey Business School

05 Dr John Cheh

Dr. John Cheh, LLD (Hon.) '12

Former Vice-Chairman & CEO
Esquel Group

06 Mr Adrian Cheng

Dr. Adrian Cheng, JP

Executive Vice-chairman and CEO
New World Development Company Limited

08 Mr Simon Cua

Dr. Simon Cua, EMBA '05, LLD (Hon.) '15

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director  
TIME Interconnect Limited

Mr. Robin Hibberd

Mr. Robin Hibberd, HBA '83, MBA '87

Corporate Director and Investor
Retired Banking Executive

Mr. Robin Hibberd

Sharon Hodgson

Ivey Business School

21 Dr Henry Wang

Dr. Henry Huiyao WANG

Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization  
Counsellor, China State Council

11 Mr John Kao

Mr. John Kao, HBA '76

Worldvest Holdings Ltd.

14 Mr Patrick Lam

Mr. Patrick Lam

Vice Chairman & Executive Director
FSE Lifestyle Services Limited


Mr. Eddie Law, HBA '91

Chief Executive Officer  
Zheng He Financial Holdings Limited

16 Dr Simon Leung

Dr. Simon Leung, LLD (Hon.) '05

Vice Chairman and Executive Director  
NetDragon Websoft Inc.

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