The Ivey Asia Advisory Board is led by Dr. Henry Cheng, Chairman of New World Development Company Limited. Other members included Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Limited, Dr. John Cheh, Esquel Group.

01 Dr Henry Cheng

Dr. Henry Cheng, Ivey HBA '71, Ivey MBA '72, LLD (Hon.) '97

Chairman & Executive Director  
New World Development Company Limited 

02 Dr Derek Anthony

Dr. Derek Anthony, 

Managing Director  
The Music and Drama Institute Ltd. 

03 Dr Paul Beamish

Dr. Paul Beamish, HBA'76, Ph.D. '85

Director, Ivey's Asian Management Institute and Engaging Emerging Markets Research Centre  
Ivey Business School 

Thumb Chris Chan Advisory Board

Professor Chris WH Chan, 

Associate Dean, Asia  
Ivey Business School 

05 Dr John Cheh

Dr. John Cheh, LLD (Hon.) '12

Vice- Chairman & CEO  
Esquel Group 

06 Mr Adrian Cheng

Dr. Adrian Cheng, 

Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager 
New World Development Co. Ltd. 

07 Mr Robert Cook

Mr. Robert A. Cook, 

Retired President & CEO, Asia  
Manulife Financial Corporation 

08 Mr Simon Cua

Dr. Simon Cua, EMBA '05, LLD (Hon.) '15

Managing Director  
Light Engine Ltd. 

21 Dr Henry Wang

Dr. Henry Huiyao WANG, 

Founder and President, Center for China and Globalization  
Counsellor, China State Council 

10 Mr John Irwin

Mr. John Irwin, 

CFO/CIO/Director of Facilities, and Vice President of the Ivey Group of Companies  
Ivey Business School 

11 Mr John Kao

Mr. John Kao, HBA '76

Worldvest Holdings Ltd. 

Bob Kennedy Advisory Board

Dr. Robert (Bob) Kennedy, 

Ivey Business School 

12 Ms Leonie Ki

Ms. Leonie Ki, JP, SBS

Executive Director  
New World Development Company Limited 

13 Mr Daniel Lam

Ms. Alexa Kobayashi, HBA '08

Vice President
Head of North Asia Sales at S&P Global Market Intelligence

13 Mr Daniel Lam

Mr. Daniel Lam, EMBA '00

Managing Director  
L&L Capital Asia Ltd. 

14 Mr Patrick Lam

Mr. Patrick Lam, 

CEO & Executive Director  
FSE Holdings Limited 


Mr. Eddie Law, HBA '91

Chief Executive Officer  
Zheng He Financial Holdings Limited 

16 Dr Simon Leung

Dr. Simon Leung, LLD (Hon.) '05

Vice Chairman and Executive Director  
NetDragon Websoft Inc. 

18 Mr Kishore K Sakhrani

Mr. Kishore K. Sakhrani, MBA '83

Community Business Limited 

19 Mr Rick Siemens

Mr. Rick Siemens, 

E-Kong Group Ltd. 

Allan Zeman

Dr. Allan Zeman, LLD (Hon.) '04, GBM, GBS, JP

Lan Kwai Fong Holdings Limited