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Ivey Custom Process

Our experienced and relevant faculty works with your executive team from the ground up to develop flexible executive development programs targeted for immediate results. Using real-world applications, proven methodology and decades of experience, an Ivey Custom Program can take your organization's leadership and performance to unprecedented heights.


Executive Development Begins with Observation

An Ivey Custom Program is more than executive education - it's a partnership that begins from the early stages of program design. We look at your organization's goals, situation and unique challenges, and develop a tailored solution that integrates with your way of doing things. But nothing happens until our faculty members fully understand your needs and expectations.

During this listening stage of Ivey Custom Program development, our faculty will:

  • Interview all stakeholders to better understand challenges and business context
  • Evaluate (or develop) your organization's competency profile
  • Incorporate your assessment tools (or help you develop them)
  • Weave your industry's management language through the process
  • Enlist your executive team to incorporate the program into their agenda

This initial stage ensures the next essential part of your executive development design - visioning - is as true to your organization's needs and goals as possible. 


What is Executive Development Without Vision?

Part of the initial stages of your program design and continuing throughout the duration of your executive education courses, visioning establishes a shared understanding of your organization's goals. The process is particularly intensive in the beginning as Ivey faculty strives to gain an accurate picture of where your organization stands, and where it needs to be. Based on this first evaluation of your vision, Ivey develops three to five high-priority objectives upon which your program courses and participant experiences are based. We're here to listen and help make your vision reality. To start your executive education with Ivey Custom Programs, contact us today.


Executive Programs by Design

Ivey executive education programs are designed during the listening and visioning process, and evolve throughout the duration of your engagement with us. Based on the shared vision we develop together, several programs are tested on stakeholders to evaluate possibilities and find the best structure suited to your organization's needs and goals.

This intensive design exercise results in a participant-centered, highly interactive, flexible executive development experience customized to your organization's culture, and adaptable to your changing business landscape.


Dedicated Delivery of a Hands-On Learning Experience

From listening and visioning to design and delivery, Ivey Custom Program faculty is committed to your organization's success. During execution of our executive education programs, dedicated program managers oversee administration, logistics and employee wellbeing, while our faculty:

  • Teach in small teams and alongside your executives
  • Keep your team engaged and focused on real outcomes Empower your team with a sense of ownership and accountability

Absorb conversations and facilitate outcomes, all while knowing when to push and when to pull.

From our experience, these executive programs can change the trajectory of a career and an entire organization.


Executive Management Programs Based on Constant Improvement

A significant percentage of our business comes from repeat clients, who partner with us exclusively for their executive management programs. We view this as a testament to our results, and also to our fervor to improve with each program we deliver.

How do we do this?

Ivey professional development is a two-way communication channel throughout the duration of the program and beyond. Listening is a crucial element in the beginning stages, through execution, and at the conclusion of your program, when we objectively evaluate the results together.

During the evaluation stage, we review:

  • Evolving business and organizational realities and how to fine-tune your program to address them
  • Program impact relative to original objectives
  • The need for post-program coaching or further assessment tools to help us (and you) dig deeper into program outcomes


Hutchison Ports

The Client

Hutchison Ports one of the world’s leading port investors, developers and operators, and has interests in 48 ports comprising 269 operational berths in 25 countries.

The Latest Custom Program

Like many global companies, Hutchison Ports is facing a period of unprecedented change. And internally there was a need to develop heads of business units and leaders in key corporate positions to seize opportunities, groom next generation leaders, and grow a sustainable business.

Hutchison Ports approached Ivey in 2015 to design and deliver an annual leadership program entitled “The General Management Program” to identify, inculcate, and cascade key qualities and attributes to enable leaders of Hutchison Ports to excel in present challenges and a changing environment. Ivey professors crafted a number of original internal cases based on extensive conversations with Group Managing Director, Eric Ip, as well as key senior executives, to highlight relevant business and leadership dimensions that are essential to the company’s leaders to succeed now and in the future.

The Results

Participants emerged from the programs in 2016 and 2017 with a sharp understanding of the company’s strategic direction, strong internalization of key leadership attributes required, and an acute sense to cascade similar qualities to their direct reports.

The Quote

"Ivey is a longstanding and true partner who has contributed significantly to our senior executive and talent development agenda. The faculty’s deep understanding of our organization and culture is a key factor for the success of this partnership. Through in-depth consultations with our senior management team, custom designs, and insightful crafting of situation-specific internal cases, Ivey has delivered a wide spectrum of programs that are well-received by our business unit leaders and high-potential talents over the years." Francis Tong, Group Human Resources Director, Hutchison Ports

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