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Your organization is changing.

You're entering new markets, facing new competitors, dealing with new rules.

You need outstanding leaders.

Leaders who think strategically, not operationally. Leaders who look at business from a cross-enterprise perspective, rather than from functional silos. Leaders who think globally, execute brilliantly, and can drive change. Developing outstanding leaders is critical to maintaining a competitive edge in today's fast-changing, global economy.

Ivey helps you develop true leaders.

We are a strategic partner in management education to many of the leading organizations in Asia and other parts of the world. We develop long-term relationships with clients to truly understand their organization - their business strategy, organizational issues, and training & development approach. This knowledge enables us to pinpoint your management education requirements, and to design and deliver finely-tuned executive programs that develop the exact leadership competencies your company needs. The results for your organization are immediate.

No. 1 Executive education provider in customized program attracting international clients and participants in Greater China – Financial Times (2017)

No. 2 Executive education provider in customized program in Greater China – Financial Times (2017)

Please download our executive education brochure for more information.