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Date:       February 24 – 25, 2021*
Fee:          USD 650**
Format:   two half-day virtual live sessions
Time:       9:00am - 1:00pm (HK time, GMT+8)

*   Tentative and subject to change
** Discount application for early bird registration by January 22, 2021 OR ≥3 registrations from the same company OR Ivey Alumni

Never has there been such an interest in personal psychology, mental wellness and emotional intelligence in the business world. This is because COVID-19, geopolitical tensions and their impact have disrupted our habits, plans and aspirations for the future. It’s changed the way we work, requiring us to abandon plans and adapt to the unexpected. People are stressed.

Has 2020 taken its toll on you and you’re wondering how
to energise your team when you feel flat yourself?

Are you asking yourself how to be resilient in running
a never-ending marathon of uncertainty and disruption?

Is the impact of the stress showing in your team
and they are not adapting well to the constant change?

Do you need a break-through in your personal leadership
but you’re not sure exactly what?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then our course is for you.

The course will provide leaders a practical guide for building Inner Agility which is needed to lead yourself and your team through uncertainty and disruption.

“Inner Agility” is the ability to explore and navigate through change and ambiguity, to understand both our inner and outer worlds, and what gives us or depletes our energy and motivation. With inner agility, we have greater clarity in our thinking and greater creativity to tackle challenges in the face of adversity.


  • Learn what an “explorer” mindset is. It’s an extension of the growth mindset – explorers love adventure, no matter how hard the journey gets and in the face of derailing events
  • Demystifying emotions with science and unveiling personal narratives behind emotions
  • Explorers don’t let challenging emotions sabotage them from making wise, thoughtful decisions, even in emergencies. You’ll be equipped with practical and powerful tools to buffer yourselves and those you lead from stress to move forward
  • Understand the psychology behind behaviours that are not helpful for team collaboration
  • Discover your personal mission, an anchor that will enable you to be resilient in the face of the fiercest storms
  • Create your own story of overcoming to inspire hope in others


Mid- to senior-level leaders who desire to inspire others and to grow in emotional intelligence, which is the capacity to understand and reason about emotions to elevate thinking. This enhances personal performance and the performance of others.

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