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Get a glimpse into the Ivey classroom

  • Jul 31, 2014
Get a glimpse into the Ivey classroom

Take risks. Defend your ideas. Stretch your thinking.

That is both the challenge and the benefit of Ivey’s Case-Method Learning, and something that attendees will get a glimpse of first-hand at a First Class on the Road (FCOTR) event on August 12, 2014 at the Ivey Business School.

“Until you experience an actual case-based class, you just don’t get it,” said Associate Professor Rick Robertson, HBA '75, MBA '84, PhD '87, Finance and Managerial Accounting and Control, who will be in Asia hosting a series of introductory events in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in August and September. “By attending an event like this, you get a chance to ask yourself, ‘Is this a learning method I would be comfortable with?’”

Like the name implies, an Ivey Asia FCOTR puts prospective students in an actual Ivey classroom – to experience a finance case that is particularly relevant to the Asian business landscape.

Robertson’s case will focus on Cash Technology Limited, a Xiamen-based manufacturer of self-service banking machines, touchscreens and related software. The company is set to issue its initial public offering on the Singapore Exchange and proceeds from the IPO will help the mid-sized, entrepreneurial and private company secure its position in the burgeoning Chinese market. The case will challenge prospective students to examine the attractiveness and value of a business from the perspective of the issuer and potential investors, and develop a strategy for communicating with institutional investors.

Attendees’ financial knowledge will not be a barrier to participation, Robertson said. “The case will show students what they can accomplish in a case-based program. It will certainly stretch them, and that’s intentional. We’ll spend a lot of time talking about markets and competitors and show how cases give participants experience in all areas of business.”

Cases are based on real-world business situations and put students in the chair of the decision-makers. The case method creates an environment similar to a business simulator enabling students to test, develop and refine their thinking and judgment in a low-risk, supportive environment.

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The class discussion is enhanced by the wide variety of backgrounds and experiences of fellow classmates, enabling students to contribute to the learning of others.

“In the Ivey classroom you learn by doing” Robertson said. “It’s a great way to test drive the Ivey way of learning.”

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