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Do you know the next Ivey EMBA candidate?

  • Jul 31, 2014
Do you know the next Ivey EMBA candidate?

Imagine debating with a senior executive from one of North America’s front-running financial services companies. Networking with a director of one of Hong Kong’s leading construction companies, or gathering insights from an executive from a global private bank in Shanghai.

This was part of your Ivey experience. Now, does this sound like a fit for your friend or colleague?

There’s still time to be part of the EMBA Class of 2016 which begins August 9, 2014.

From the moment a student steps into the classroom, they are immersed in the real-world experiences that are part of Ivey’s Case-Method of Learning. Beyond the classroom, they’ll take part in a trip to the home of innovation and entrepreneurship – Silicon Valley – where they’ll meet the executives of such brands as Google, LinkedIn, Cisco and

And when they’re done, like you, they’ll be part of a global network of top executives – and friends – who will be part of their personal and professional life throughout their careers.

Why take an EMBA from Ivey? Here’s what current students are saying:

“I am a firm believer in learning through experience rather than just theory and the Ivey EMBA provides a foundation for this through its case study learning methodology. This has factored in my decision to apply to Ivey.”
Natalie Spicer

“To achieve my goals in life and career, I believe two attributes are crucial: a prestigious academic background and a high quality social network with which to strengthen my credibility and getting to know other influential leaders for support. I am certain the EMBA program of Richard Ivey can help me attain these two attributes.”
William Tak-ho Leung

“The interaction between students in the EMBA class will be valuable to me. Through communications and discussions, we will know the ideas of others. We can challenge each other’s views and ideas so as to improve our analytical skills and ways in approaching and handling issues, questions and problems. In projects, we will learn how to work as a team with members from different background.”
Esmond Sin

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If there is someone you would like to recommend for the Hong Kong EMBA Class of 2016, please contact Loron Orris, Regional Director, Executive MBA.