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Module date:

March 28(am), 29(am), 30(full day), 2023*

* Subject to sufficient enrollment. 

This is an elective module that can be taken in conjunction with the Ivey Consortium Executive (ICE) Program and Accelerating Management Talent (AMT) Program.

This module is designed to offer you a practical overview of the dynamics of executive presence, the “It” factor. The skills necessary to have “Executive Presence” and to inspire trust are increasingly in demand as Hong Kong and Chinese organizations expand into global markets. It is therefore critical to display strong leadership that authentically engages others. Moreover, in this session, we will introduce you to the power of storytelling and other communication techniques to help you build trust, credibility and influence.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Equip you with skills to build trust, credibility, and influence throughout your organization.
  • We will look at cultural aspects of executive presence and differences between Asian and western or Non-Asian cultures.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to use storytelling as a platform to demonstrate/cultivate executive presence.
  • We will move beyond presentation skills development and help advance your communication skills with the goal to engage and inspire people to act, and deal with differences or conflict effectively.