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Boost Innovation with Shared Learning

Consortium programs bring together teams of leaders from across multiple non-competing organizations. This collaborative environment enhances decision-making and encourages sharing of best practices. Participants work alongside top Ivey Business School faculty to sharpen their strategic vision, hone people leadership skills, and heighten cultural agility while expanding their professional networks across Asia.

Drive Cross-Sector Collaboration

A consortium executive program unites leaders from diverse industries and regions, fostering diverse perspectives and collaborative problem-solving. Participants gain shared experiences, cutting-edge insights, and a broader network. This collective approach enhances strategic thinking and delivers actionable solutions for all involved.

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Key Program Objectives and Benefits:

  • Strengthen leadership capabilities
  • Elevate strategic thinking to a new level
  • Attain cross-enterprise management perspectives
  • Gain insight into global and Asian business best practices
  • Understand how to lead and manage change
  • Benefit from diverse networking opportunities with high-achieving executives

The Ivey Consortium Executive (ICE) Program and Accelerating Management Talent (AMT) Program are two well-established and popular examples of Ivey’s Consortium Programs conducted at our Hong Kong campus.

Ivey Consortium Executive (ICE) Program

Ivey Consortium Executive (ICE) Program

The ICE program increases the organizational leadership and strategic management skills of senior executives. Taking a general management perspective, the program enhances participants' ability to formulate winning strategies and align organizational structure and strategy.

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Accelerating Management Talent (AMT) Program

Accelerating Management Talent (AMT) Program

The AMT program increases the business unit leadership and strategic thinking skills of high-potential mid-level managers. Participants will gain a cross-functional perspective and learn the keys to effective execution of corporate or business strategy.

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China Consortium Program

China Consortium Program (CCP)

The Ivey China Consortium Program is designed for multinational and Hong Kong-based companies with significant footprints and talent development and retention needs in China, as well as Chinese enterprises positioned to expand beyond China's domestic market.

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Discounts for early bird enrollment and 3 or more registrations from the same company are available. 

To learn more about Ivey’s Consortium Programs, please call us at (852) 2135 2241 or email for a conversation with Ivey’s Executive Education team.

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