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Research Articles

Refereed Articles (2021-2024)

Andrews, D. S.; Fainshmidt, S. F.; Schotter, A.; Gaur, A., 2024, "Formal Institutional Context in Global Strategy Research: A Layer Cake Perspective", Global Strategy Journal, December, 14(1): 3 - 24.
Fieve, J. K. D.; Chrysostome, E. C., 2024, "Credit Cooperative Lending Loans as Challenges and Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurship in Africa: Evidence from Ghana",
Li, L.; Schotter, A.; Beamish, P., 2024, "The origin and nationality of general manager successors in local-market-seeking subsidiaries of MNEs",
Ali, H.; Gueyie, J-P.; Chrysostome, E. C., 2023, "Gender, Credit Risk and Performance in Sub-Saharan African Microfinance Institutions",
Andrews, D. S.; Meyer, K. E., 2023, "How much does host country matter, really?",
Andrews, D. S.; Nell, P.; Schotter, A.; Laamanen, T., 2023, "And the subsidiary lives on: Harnessing complex realities in the contemporary MNE",
Bowman, G.; Foulser-Piggott, R.; Beamish, P. W., 2023, "Natural Disasters and MNE Internalization: Reoptimizing Subsidiary Governance",
Dai, L.; Eden, L.; Beamish, P. W., 2023, "The timing and mode of foreign exit from conflict zones: A behavioral perspective",
Getachew, Y.; Fon, R.; Chrysostome, E. C., 2023, "On The Location Choices of Africa Multinational Enterprises: Do Supranational Economic Institutions Matter",
Li, C.; Ahn, J.; Bu, J.; Meyer, K. E., 2023, "The value of publishing in JIBS",
Liu, S.; Chakravarty, D.; Beamish, P. W., 2023, "An emerging market multinational Company's internationalization: From original equipment manufacturer to global brand leader",
Lunnan, R.; Meyer, K. E.; Mudambi, R.; Yang, Q., 2023, "The impact of knowledge and financial resource flows for MNE strategy: A typology of subsidiary roles",
Meyer, K. E., 2023, "The Digital Multinational: Navigating the new normal in global business",
Meyer, K. E.; Fang, T.; Panibratov, A. Y.; Peng, M. W.; Gaur, A., 2023, "International Business Under Sanctions",
Meyer, K. E.; Li, J.; Brouthers, K. D.; Jean, R-J. B., 2023, "International business in the digital age: Global strategies in a world of national institutions",
Mfokeu, A. M.; Chrysostome, E. C.; Gueyie, J-P.; Ngapna, O. E. M., 2023, "Consumer Motivation behind the Use of Ecological Charcoal in Cameroon",
Aguinis, H.; Audretsch, D. B.; Flammer, C.; Meyer, K. E.; Peng, M. W.; Teece, D. J., 2022, "Bringing the Manager Back Into Management Scholarship",
Beamish, P. W.; Hasse, V. C., 2022, "The importance of rare events and other outliers in global strategy research",
Farah, B.; Chakravarty, D.; Dau, L.; Beamish, P. W., 2022, "Multinational enterprise parent-subsidiary governance and survival",
Jiang, G. F.; Reuer, J. J.; Southam, C.; Beamish, P. W., 2022, "The Impact of Initial Public Offerings on SMEs’ Foreign Investment Decisions",
Li, Y.; Cui, L.; Meyer, K. E.; Fan, D., 2022, "Strategic Configurations and International Performance of Emerging Economy Multinationals",
Meyer, K. E., 2022, "India and China: Distinct Paths to Global Businesses",
Meyer, K. E.; Li, C., 2022, "The MNE and its subsidiaries at times of global disruptions: An international relations perspective",
Schotter, A.; Stallkamp, M.; Hunt, R. A., 2022, "Scaling, fast and slow: The internationalization of digital ventures",
Beamish, P. W.; Chakravarty, D., 2021, "Using the Resource-Based View in Multinational Enterprise Research",
Fainshmidt, S. F.; Andrews, D. S.; Gaur, A.; Schotter, A., 2021, "Recalibrating Management Research for the post-COVID Scientific Enterprise",
Farah, B.; Elias, R.; Chakravarty, D.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, "Host country corporate income tax rate and foreign subsidiary survival",
Getachew, Y.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, "Unbundling the effects of host-country institutions on foreign subsidiary survival: A case for subsidiary heterogeneity",
Meyer, K. E.; Prashantham, S.; Xu, S., 2021, "Entrepreneurship and the Post-COVID-19 Recovery in Emerging Economies",
Schotter, A., 2021, "Resilient or Not: Boundary-Spanning in Innovation Focused MNEs During Global Crises",
Schotter, A.; Meyer, K. E.; Wood, G., 2021, "Organizational and comparative institutionalism in international HRM: Toward an integrative research agenda",
Schotter, A.; Stallkamp, M., 2021, "Why Don't They Venture Abroad? Digital Ventures and Foreign Markets",
Stallkamp, M.; Schotter, A., 2021, "Platforms Without Borders? The International Strategies of Digital Platform Firms",
Tan, D.; Meyer, K. E., 2021, "Context-bridging and Context-embedded Experience: Growth Drivers of Emerging Economy Business Groups",

Non-Refereed Articles (2021-2024)

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Meyer, K. E., 2021, "A COVID-19 vaccine plant in Africa? This is what it would take to build one",

Books and Reports (2021-2024)

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Beamish, P. W.; Yang, X.; Yan, H.; Hasse, V., 2023, Post M&A Integration: Organizing for Success, Beijing: Peking University Press.
Meyer, K. E.; Peng, M., 2023, International Business, 4th edition: Cengage Learning EMEA.
Beamish, P. W.; Yan, H.; Wang, L.; Hasse, V. C.; Yang, X., 2021, Post M&A Integration: Organizing for Success, Beijing, China: Peking University Press, forthcoming.
Beamish, P. W.; Yan, H.; Wang, L.; Hasse, V. C.; Yang, X., 2021, Post M&A Integration: Planning for Success, Beijing, China: Peking University Press, forthcoming.
Liu, Q.; Liu, S.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, International Business Puzzles: 26 Classic Cases from Ivey Business School, Beijing, China: Economic Science Press, forthcoming.
Mellahi, K.; Meyer, K. E.; Narula, R.; Surdu, I.; Verbeke, A., 2021, The Oxford Handbook of International Business Strategy, New York, NY, USA: Oxford University Press.

Chapters (2021-2024)

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Meyer, K. E., 2021, Thinking strategically during the global pan(dem)ic, in Meyer K, Globalization, Political Economy, Business and Society in Pandemic Times Vol: 36, Emerald Publishing.


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Bounken, R.; Schotter, A., 2024, The Interplay of Digitalization and the Dispersion of Inventor Productivity, International Business, Economic Geography, and Innovation (iBEGIN) Conference, December.
Fisch, J.; Lipez, L.; Schotter, A.; Schmeisser, B., 2024, Internationalization of knowledge-intensive business service firms, SMS Annual Conference, November, forthcoming.
Kashyap, R.; Schotter, A., 2023, From EMNEs’ Home-Centric to Polycentric Capability Upgrading: Changing Impetus of Technological Catch-Up at the End of the Upward Spiral, AIB Annual Meeting, December.
Kashyap, R.; Awate, S.; Schotter, A.; Satyavageeswaran, P., 2022, Slipping While Catching-Up: An Attention-Based View of EMNEs’ International Diversification, AIB Annual Meeting, December.
Kashyap, R.; Satyavageeswaran, P.; Rose, E.; Schotter, A., 2021, EMNE's Low Commitment High Involvement Entry Strategy in Emerging Markets, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, December, forthcoming.
Li, A. L.; Beamish, P. W.; Schotter, A., 2021, General manager successors in local-market-seeking subsidiaries of MNEs: A multiple-case analysis, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, December, forthcoming.
Li, A. L.; Schotter, A.; Beamish, P. W., 2021, Antecedents and Consequences of General Manager Successions in Foreign Subsidiaries: A Mixed-Methods Approach, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, December, forthcoming.

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